The Health Benefits of a Shakti Mat

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Shakti mats are the easiest, cheapest, and most pleasurable, yes, I said that … pleasurable, acupressure (not puncture!), tool.

Acupressure is based on ancient Chinese and Indian holistic medicinal approaches; the Shakti has been modernised in the 20th Century using a yoga mat concept with a series of small “spikes”.

This form of stimulation has also been used in India for centuries and is a concept of the Hindu “bed of nails”.  Thankfully, we can now use a mat that is much more comfortable!  Made from a thin layer of foam, covered in a breathable cotton cover.

The mat has medical grade silicon discs with small silicon sharp spikes covering it.  These discs will mould into your body and stimulate blood flow.

They will stimulate everything!  And once you’ve gone spikes, you won’t go back.

shakti Mat pillow

These are 5 health benefits of a shakti mat

  1. It prompts your body to produce powerful pain reducing and anti-inflammatory hormones, such as endorphins, which are comparable to morphine in their pain reducing properties, but without the risks of dependence and side effects of chemical substances.
  2. Releases the muscle tension and spasms that are often the cause of back pain, migraines and restricted blood flow. This relieves the pressure on the spine, pinched nerves and and restores normal blood circulation.
  3. Promotes blood-circulation. As we age, our joints and inter-vertebral discs start to degenerate from the lack of nutrients and hydration. The stimulation increases blood-circulation, which helps bring oxygen, nutrients, pain reducing and anti-inflammatory hormones to the joints, bones, muscles and other damaged tissue.
  4. Reduces stress. Chronic stress causes elevated levels of Cortisol, which has been linked to Lose of bone density, Insomnia, Obesity, Anxiety, Depression and Autoimmune Disorders. The Shakti Mat relaxes your body and mind.
  5. Blocks the pain messages from reaching the central nervous system.  The stimulation of the Shakti Mat immediately distracts the body from existing pain. In conjunction with endorphin release this provides extremely effective natural pain relief.

The shakti mat, should come with a shakti pillow for optimum effectiveness.  As most people carry stress and anxiety, physically in their neck and shoulders, this is essential.   Use the pillow in conjunction with the mat for a period of at least 20 minutes.

This timing is important as your body gets used to the acupressure points of the mat.

How to Use Your Shakti Acupressure Mat

Unlike a yoga mat, which needs a solid floor surface, your can use your shakti mat, on your bed for some comfort and support.  Although for a powerful, healing, the floor is also fine.  The spikes will just be a little harder.  This is probably better if you have used and are used to the mat.  It could scare some first timers!

Timeline of Shakti Benefits

10-30 seconds – The body feels uncomfortable.  The spikes are feeling aggressive.

30-60 seconds – The blood starts to flow to the areas of uncomfort.

1-2 minutes – The body starts to heat up and feels almost sunburnt

2-4 minutes – The body starts to have a tingly sensation; imagine you have applied Deep Heat!

4-6 minutes – Endorphins start circulating through your body

6-20 minutes – By this time you are not in any way uncomfortable, but in an endorphin filled “blissed out” feeling!

When using the shakti mat, try using it on bare skin for the best results.  If you are sensitive about this or have a living arrangement that is not comfortable for nakedness, try to use the mat with thin, breathable clothing for the best results.

It is up to you the frequency of your use of the mat, but if you are struggling with anxiety or depression, it is a useful daily practise to release endorphins into the body.  While there hasn’t been a huge number of medical studies, around the use of shakti, the studies that have been done, have proven a direct link to anxiety and depression treatment.

Common Health Problems the Shakti is used for:

Improves sleep.  A study in 2015, measured the sleep quality of menopausal women and found the mats had a significant impact on sleep improvement.

To treat headaches and migraines.  Evidence published in the National Library of Medicine, compared acupressure with muscle relaxant therapy, and found that acupressure was much more effective.

Participants had just one month of treatment, but the effects still remained six months late

Lowers high blood pressure Clinical trials conducted in Taiwan looked at the impact of acupressure on patients with hypertension.

During the trial it was found that blood pressure was lowered for a period of at least 30 minutes.

Mental Health Between 1997 and 2014, there were 39 studies conducted into how the spiky treatment can help to calm the mind.

Every study reported a positive outcome, highlighting how acupressure can provide immediate relief from the symptoms of anxiety.

Other studies have found it’s also powerful for treating stress and depression.

It might seem like an unlikely benefit, but acupressure has been shown to improve the quality of life for those suffering from digestion problems.

Improved digestion  A 2015 research project looked at perineal self-acupressure which aided in the movement of bowel function.

Generally, it was found to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of those suffering from constipation and digestive pain.

I really feel these mats can only be good for your wellbeing.  Used regularly, in the comfort of your own home.  They are a cheap investment for your health.


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