The Best Styles For Short Hair

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Having short hair leaves you with only a few options when it comes to styling. There are so many hairstyles for long hair but recently there has been a severe fascination with short hair styles. The thing about short hair is that it is so easier to maintain and you can get away with not styling it too much. The same cannot be said about long hair.

You have to brush it, trim it and do a host of many other things to keep the hair looking great. In as much as the short easy hairstyles are not as many, there are several options you can take. The best thing about these is that you can personalise the hair to get the best look for yourself.

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Pixie cuts

A pixie cut is basically a shorter style of hair that lies pretty close to the scalp. They have become such a trend all over the world. Pixie style haircuts as they may be nice, unfortunately they are not for every person. They are people who can rock a pixie cut and will definitely turn heads. Others will use the same style and get the same effect but for all the wrong reasons.

The ruffled pixie cut is one really popular style among teenage girls. It is the perfect hairstyle for people with a heart-shaped face. People with well defined cheekbones will find the pixie cut to be quite a lovely look for them. It is therefore the best hair cut for women who wish to emphasise their facial features.

The only thing you need to remember is to check the perimeter of the hair. You just want to look good not look like a guy.

Bob cuts

The most popular cute short easy hairstyle is the bob cut. This short hair has been in existence since time can remember. The thing about the bob styles is that they are very easy to maintain. With a little bit of hair product, brush the hair nicely and you will have a nice look to boast about.

Bob cuts are known to be very versatile working for just about all people. It does not matter whether you have bangs or not. The bob cut is ideal for people with oval, round, heart and diamond face shapes.

To cover bald spots a short hairstyle like the bob cut is the best to go with. This is because you can twist, turn and pull hair over various places without attracting special attention. People will simply notices just how good the hair looks.

Do not risk too much with short hair styles

Since Rihanna decided to cut her hair back in 2007, people have been stumbling over each other trying to get the best of short hair styles that they can come across. The thing about Rihanna is that she has a host of stylists at her beck and call.

Whether she wants a bob cut, pixie cut, Mohawk, she will get them done within a short while and will look fabulous for the cameras. Just because you friend has cut their hair short and it looks awesome, do not think that the same will look good on you. Pay a visit to a good hairstylist and you will find out whether your hair will look great.

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