How Home Security Alarm Systems Work

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Home Security Alarm Systems may be installed by a homeowner or a professional if the homeowner isn’t a handyman. It is advisable to purchase them from a reputable supplier so that you get a quality product.

Home Security Alarm Systems are systems that are designed to detect an intruder in a home. They help protect the premises from burglary or for the personal protection of the people in residence.

This alarm system usually consists of:

  • A control panel
  • Sensors that are attached to doors and windows.
  • Security Cameras.
  • A high Decibel siren or alarm.
  • Some window and yard signs advising that a Home Security Alarm System has been installed on the premises.

Home Security alarm Systems

How do home security alarm systems work?

It basically works by installing sensors onto the entry points of a home. These sensors then communicate with a control panel that is positioned in a convenient position somewhere in the home. It is important to install these sensors at all possible entry points on the ground floor of a home, however, the upper story of a home should also be armed.

The control panel is what controls these sensors, it arms and disarms them. If there is a breach of the zone that has been armed, the sensors alert the control which in turn sends out an alarm. The control panel is mainly accessed by a code, however, there are some that may be voice-activated.

The sensors of Home Security Alarm Systems are in two parts. One part of the device is installed on the window or door and the other part is positioned on the frame of the window or door. Once the door or window is closed the sensors are joined and that creates a security circuit.

It is aimed at the control panel and if it is breached by an unauthorized person then it triggers an alarm alerting the homeowner to the breach. Sometimes the alarm is a high decibel siren or it may be a silent alarm that is connected to a security firm who will be responsible for attending in the advent of a breach of security.

In some cases, these alarms are patched through to the local police station.

Adding Security cameras and monitor via your smartphone

Security cameras are usually monitored by a link to a computer or mobile phone. They consist of several cameras that are mounted inside and outside the home and are capable of night vision as well as daytime surveillance.

Positioned in the right zones they will give a vision of the intruder, they may even be able to pick up on the vehicle that the intruder drove to the home.

A high decibel siren or alarm in Home Security Alarm Systems is a little limited in its use. It will alert the homeowner if they are at home at the time, that there is an intruder and it will also alert the neighbors that all is not as it should be in the neighborhood.

Signs that are attached to windows and in the yard of the home are designed to warn a potential thief that these premises are protected by a security firm.  It warns them that it would be most unwise to try their hand and stealing from these premises.

It is advisable for the peace of mind for the homeowner to have Home Security Alarm Systems installed to protect their possessions.

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