Honda is a household brand

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As far as a company goes with worldwide recognition, Honda would have to rank up there.  Honda was originally founded in September 1948 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa.  Honda was gone on to become a worldwide conglomerate, making a wide range of popular household products.


What do Honda Make

As far as iconic household brands names Honda makes some of the most popular products in the world.

  • Automobiles
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Electric generators
  • Water pumps
  • Lawn and garden equipment
  • Rotary tillers
  • Outboard motors
  • Robotics
  • Jet aircraft / Jet engines
  • Thin-film solar cells
  • Internavi (telematics)

Honda small motors

Perhaps one of the most well-used but seldom recognized Honda products is the Honda small motor.  Found in everything from a Honda-powered lawnmower to Honda pressure cleaners.

Truly unique in design.  A Honda engine even powered the entire 33 car starting field of the 2010 Indianapolis.

Environmentally friendly Honda Products design

As one of the leaders in eco-friendly electric and alternative fuel vehicles.  Honda has done some amazing product developments in the compressed natural gas, flexible fuel, hybrid electric, hydrogen fuel cells, and plug-in electric vehicles field.

Although announced in 2015 that they were to phase out compressed natural gas vehicles to focus on developing electrified vehicles.

Our vehicles all that Honda is known for?

Although known for excelling in Small motors, Engines, motorcycles, and automobiles.  Honda forayed into other product areas such as Robots, aircraft, mountain bikes.

Honda even dipped its hand into Solar cell development making a thin-film solar cell.  Although backing out of that market in 2014.

Honda is a safety-developing world leader.

Product development is at the forefront of Honda’s passion.  With ongoing safety product development for a wide range of their main products.  They have tried to improve safety for all road users, with intelligent driver-assist technologies such as the Honda sensing technology found in their cars.

They’ve developed a product safety range that includes a multi-angle reversing camera, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), and three safety braking systems.

Do you want a Honda?

With a global presence, a long history of designing and manufacturing world-class products. Whether it’s a lawnmower, a honda powered pressure cleaner, or a new seven-seater SUV to move the family around.

There is a fair chance you will be happy with a Honda product.

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